ConsumersNext Planning Study

R.E. Millward + Associates led a multidisciplinary team on an area planning study envisioning the future of a suburban Toronto business park undergoing significant changes at its edges. The planning study focused on managing the intensification and evolution of the Consumers Road business park from an auto-oriented employment centre with few amenities into a walkable, transit-oriented business neighbourhood that serves not only the large employment base but also surrounding residential communities.

Districts and Nodes

The City of Toronto retained our firm to manage a team of architects, engineers and facilitation specialists and provide land use planning expertise focusing on how to maintain the integrity of the Employment Lands while allowing the business park to evolve from an 8-hour-a-day place to a 16-hour-a-day place. The resulting vision for the Consumers Road Business Park and surrounding area integrates urban design, open space, public realm improvements, a multi-modal transportation network, and servicing strategies which will form the basis of a new Secondary Plan for the area. The Planning Study was accompanied by a Transportation Master Plan and a Master Servicing Plan.

Consultant Team: R.E. Millward + Associates, DTAH, Fabian Papa & Partners, HDR, Swerhun Facilitation


Team Organization Chart

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