Long Term Care Homes and Services Capital Renewal Feasibility and Land Use Study

The City of Toronto’s Long-Term Care Homes and Services Division (LTCHS) initiated a study to assess the feasibility of its proposed Capital Renewal Strategy, required to bring five of its long-term care homes into conformity with the design standards issued by the Ministry of Housing and Long Term Care (MOHLTC). Creva Group led a team including R.E. Millward & Associates and DTAH to perform the feasibility assessment. Throughout the study period, discussions with LTCHS, facility staff and other City representatives provided the opportunity to obtain their views on the prospective redevelopment schemes and other issues.

R.E. Millward & Associates was responsible for providing planning expertise on land use policies, built form guidelines, environmental constraints and built heritage considerations to inform a feasibility assessment on redevelopment, retrofit and alternative use options for five LTCHS sites throughout the City of Toronto.