Markham Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review

The City of Markham currently has 49 different zoning by-laws governing how the city develops, covering areas as diverse as small hamlets, industrial areas, rural lands and master-planned urban neighbourhoods. This is a legacy of the diverse communities that have grown together to form the City, but as the urbanization of Markham continues, a single, user-friendly Zoning By-law will be an essential tool in helping Council, planners, developers and the public to shape the community’s future.

R.E. Millward & Associates, with Gladki Planning Associates, worked with a team of policy experts to study Markham’s existing zoning by-laws and land use categories—as well as examples of effectively designed zoning legislation throughout Ontario—to develop recommendations for the writing of a new, streamlined city-wide zoning by-law.

During Phase 1 (Background Work & Zoning Issues Analysis), our firm provided land use and zoning expertise in order to deliver strategic advice and to assess existing zoning by-laws and site specific zoning amendments, minor variances, as well as reviewing and assessing specific and controversial land uses. In acting as the joint lead for Phase 2, R.E. Millward & Associates assisted in the preparation of the Strategic Directions Report and associated public consultation with the City of Markham,  completed in the summer of 2016.

Consultant team: R.E. Millward & Associates, Gladki Planning Associates, Clarion Associates, Woodfield Consulting, Anthony Usher Planning Consultant, and Davis LLB