Steeles-Redlea Community Services and Facilities Strategy and Implementation Plan

Straddling the border between Scarborough and Markham, the Steeles-Redlea area in northern Scarborough is poised for growth with a Regeneration Area Study currently underway.

R.E. Millward and Associates worked with the City of Toronto Planning Division to develop a Community Services and Facilities Strategy for the defined area. Our firm engaged the City of Toronto, City of Markham and York Region staff, as well as local community agencies to develop a detailed inventory of CS&F to better understand the needs and priorities within the Study Area. The final recommendations explore possibilities for co-location, partnerships and innovative approaches to the use of planning implementation tools, such as Section 37, to secure the appropriate level of service provision for the existing and future populations.

We worked closely with a Stakeholder Advisory Committee comprised of twenty community agencies and a Technical Advisory Committee, comprised of an interdivisional City staff team, to explore and understand the CS&F needs and priorities in the area.