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City-Wide OPA 231 Land Use Map -- purple shades identify lands designated as Core Employment Areas and General Employment Areas ( Source: R.E. Millward + Associates)
OPA 231 Key Map (Source: City of Toronto)
OPA 231 Key Map (Source: City of Toronto)

Toronto Industry Network retained R.E. Millward + Associates in 2018 to provide our professional opinion on Phase 1B, Part III (Compatibility and Mitigation) of the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) hearing for the City of Toronto Official Plan Amendment No. 231. This involved meetings and ongoing conversations with the client and their team of consultants, the full review of the appealed OPA 231 policies being adjudicated during this phase of the hearing, the full review of the Issues List associated with these policies, and consultation with the client regarding their proposed changes to adjudicated policies. This process led to a mediation hearing conducted by the LPAT in which our firm participated and for which we provided advice and assistance towards the ultimate resolutions of the hearing.

In 2019, R.E.Millward+ Associates was retained to provide additional professional opinion on Phase 3 (Conversion and Forecasting) of the LPAT hearing for the OPA 231. These hearings were completed in Spring 2020.


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